As a somewhat unorthodox move, we will not only look up from our first edition books and play Triniton, we are also reviewing it in English.

Since our physical magazine isn’t in print anymore, you will have to do with this inferior web version of content.

As when we usually reviewed, we do it from product, rules, adventure, special feature and value.

Triniton is a roleplaying game quite unlike what we’ve seen so far,

Product wise: 1 point

It has all the bells and whistles of all the “modern” indie titles nowadays with over the top production consisting of way too high print quality (due to OnDemand printing that didn’t exist back in the days,) with beautiful layout on a level seldom seen in RPGs, including vivid colors and artwork on nearly every page. But also interesting additions such as card mini games integrated in the adventure, a prequel short story, as well as a soundtrack mapped to specific pages. 1 point for creativity!

Rules wise: 1 point

The narrative rules included consists of rolling a normal 6 sided die, but there is hardly a point to that. Far more appealing are using our preferred rule set from 80′s classic RPGs, which is encouraged in Triniton, and works extraordinary well. 1 point for allowing playing it as a campaign with our favorite rules!

Adventure wise: 1 point

The quests are powerful and focused on dilemmas/”grey zones”, but that hardly even slowed down our party (that is known for leaving a trail of death, destruction and flammable tapestry traps!). As we are all parents or work with kids, we do appreciate the range and possibilities that the quests allow though. The entire book/campaign is really full of quests and had a modular feature that allowed for non linear questing. 1 point for good writing and interesting quests!

Special feature Introduction wise: 1 point

The main special feature is as an introduction game, and it has the best introduction we’ve seen. It goes from “what is roleplaying” all the way to “how to start” but what is really impressive also includes guides that is often missing “How to be a [good] player” and “How to find other players”. 1 point for  excellent features for beginners!

Value wise: 1 point

So this is not the cheapest game around, but whether it is worth it, the answer is YES. First and foremost, we got to hand it to DriveThroughRPG for producing hiqh quality print products with vivid premium colors (that of course costs extra) but allows for small indie press to exist. And you can easily find your price point, with 4 version PDFs of the main book for only $10 and for the whole package in physical format it goes for $64. From a collector’s perspective, it is a bargain for the entire suite (Yes, I’m looking at you Edge of the Empire). 1 point for high value!

Verdict: 5/5 Buy!

When we sum it up it’s 5/5, so of course a game we would recommend!

In the spirit of full disclosure we want to note that the author of Triniton is a member of Gamers Guild, and that he missed far too many sessions after becoming a father, which isn’t an acceptable priority for any true member. So come back, we’ll even play your game with your silly narrative (at least once!).